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Tamara Solidor looking down at you while putting her boots on you. She is smiling and wearing net stockings. She is smiling. You can see the hair in her arm pits.

 Sincerley, your kinky cougar bizarr  switching Tamara 

As bizarrlady and switcher, I enjoy acting out many different roles. They are a mirror of my own fantasies. No matter which facet you want to get to know - they are all characterised by my approachability and easy-going nature. This openness is liberating and can be like a door opener to dark, intense and intimate borderline experiences. But above all, I want to play with you. And have endless fun in the meantime


Tamara Solidor hält dich an der Leine, sie trägt einen bunten Leo-Einteiler mit tiefem Ausschnitt

Touchable and lustful, I expose you to nerve-wracking tease & denial. I like to drink a lot of water or tea before my sessions. But we don't have to interrupt our time together for that if you appreciate a nice warm wetness. I love a grand entrance and drama as much as laughing at the absurdity of situations that arise. I focus all my attention on you. You won't be able to escape the bizarre time with me.

As a bizarre lady, I am in my very element. If you want to immerse yourself in a role play, in a fantasy, my genuineness will give you an immersive experience that you won't be able to forget for a long time. With loving sadism I know how to catapult my inclined subjects of desire to lustful heights. Are you plagued by unthinkable perversions? In my sessions you will find the space you need for relief. From complete sensory deprivation to extensive impact play, humiliation and sublime handling of strap-on equipment, few avenues of pleasure and pain do not resonate with me.

Tamara Solidor raucht am Fenster


I see myself as a cougar, but for me this term does not necessarily mean the age gap between my object of desire and me that is classically associated with it. For me, this term rather stands for the insatiable and self-confident way in which I express my desire. If I were a religious person, I would give thanks for my libidinous exuberance to a divine address, but as a self-determined and liberated cougar, I only give thanks: to me. And you should do the same. When you surrender to me as your cougar of trust, you engage in exhilarating, enduring and immoral hours. It exhilarates me when I feel that on the one hand your thoughts revolve around me and my body, but at the same time you sense this underlying, gnawing fear that asks you: does she still want more? The answer is: yes! And I know how to get it. Whatever happens, the end is already determined. Mutual, blissful exhaustion.

Tamara Solidor mit zugehaltenen Augen

The cougar in me screams in my sub-persona too. I love to surrender to my Dom(me)s in complete submission. I relinquish responsibility and wait needily to be used. It excites me to merge into a clear power structure within the session and to be available as your pleasure object, as a willing whore. Through my closeness and my clear, physical reactions you will be able to read me very well. I wait expectantly for your guiding hand and hope for orgiastic release while I am at your service. I offer intercourse (vaginal, oral, anal). Role-playing games I complete with utmost obedience. And should I disappoint you, then I have earned my punishment through your spanking. But be careful: if I enjoy the pain of pleasure, it can happen that your methods of education have the complete opposite effect and I look forward to the next discovered misconduct. This switch likes to be turned ON!



Happy is the man who knows his kinks. A bare foot makes you wince with lust? You enjoy the darkness under your blindfold while you hear me strap on the dildo? Let our kinks click into each other. Few things are more exciting for me than feeling the excitement and pleasure of someone who is under the spell of their kink under my movements and actions. Tell me your toy and you will become mine!

Tamara Solidor zieht High Heels an
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