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Tamara Solidor in rotem Top mit erhobenem Arm schaut in die Sonne an einen Türrahmen geleh


All I ever wanted was

Excitement & hesitation sugar the lust. Intertwining bodies, noisy inferno or mischievous desire, tender meeting or bizarre fantasies, whether it's your first time with someone from the industry or you've been a customer for a long time, tell me what you want. You ask what awaits you? Fortunately, much is uncertain, but everything is in our hands.

I understand that special wishes and desires can drive you to me. I ask you to entrust them to me. I am open and positive to fetishes, perversions, bizarre imaginings, games of dominance and submission as well as a freely lived sexuality. And of course I also enjoy all the aromas of vanilla extraordinarily! 


What number are the longings that drive us? It is my goal to satisfy your needs in mutual consent.

Tamara Solidor in bed

What I like?

Tamara Solidor rotes Kleid rote Schuhe

You will not find a long list of scene-specific abbreviations for my escort and companionship service, behind which a service catalogue is hidden. My escort service creates a setting that is not based on a previously discussed script. I want to get to know you! I don't want to dance around each other on eggshells, but I want us to let ourselves fall. There is no fear and no pressure here! 


Companionship service

Expensive wines from the finest crystal? Popcorn in front of the theatre, juice in the cinema, chips and Sprite from the snack bar? The surroundings are only the occasion, the event is us. Where don't you want to be alone? I will accompany you.


Escort service

Sex is something great and always unique. Sex can start with a look, a kiss, a touch, sex can be funny, imaginative, intimate, discreet, distant, consuming and so much more.

If I have learned anything as a demimondaine, hooker, creature of the night, so-called professional in the industry, it is this: Sex is always fulfilling and satisfying when we are open with each other, engaging with each other, indulging our bodies with all the good feelings and perceptions they crave at that moment.

Incall & Outcall

Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg

and elswhere!

take a look in my calendar here

Tamara Solidor on chaiselongue

Now come on baby and kiss me

like you mean it!

Facts with a guarantee

types of intercourse - girlfriend to kinkster

height - 165 cm
hair - brown with slight grey touches

cup size - D natural

languages - german & englisch

kitchen - mediterranean and vegetarian

perfume - jo malone & penhaligon's

drink - gin & vine

flower - lily

dislikes - most "isms" (except socialism)

shoe size - 4.5

eyes - green brown

tattoos - tramp stamp baby & calf

piercing - toung

pubes - yes!

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